Cookies Policy VD&P Overnamepartners

  1. This is thecookies policy of VD&P Overnamepartners BVBA, with registered company premises at B-9000 GHENT, Congreslaan 25, RPR Ghent (Department Ghent), CN 0875.037.295 (hereafter “VD&P Overnamepartners”).
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    VD&P Overnamepartners may make use of the following cookies on its website:

    1. Necessary cookies
      These cookies are essential if you wish to visit our website and use certain sections of it. For example, these cookies make it possible for you to navigate between the different menu options or to fill in the site’s various forms.
    2. Technical cookies
      There are the cookies that make it easier for the visitor to use the website and ensure a more personalized surfing experience. For example, these cookies record your preferred language settings.
    3. Performance cookies
      The website can also make use of Google Analytics for the recording of statistics. For example, cookies collect information about the use of our website for the purpose of improving its content, better adjusting it to the needs of visitors and enhancing its user-friendliness.
    4. Third party cookies
      The website may also contain cookie elements from other third parties