About us

VD&P Overnamepartners evolved from VD&P Corporate Finance, which has been providing specialist advice on mergers and acquisitions to domestic and foreign companies for more than 20 years.

Due to the specific needs of sellers, buyers and investors in the Belgian small and medium-sized business segments, it was decided in 2017 to set up a separate company with a focus on a more pragmatic deal making. VD&P Overnamepartners clients seek not only a personalised approach and an in-depth understanding of their company and sector; they mainly seek a partner who knows the acquisition process through and through and can mediate flexibly the transfer of shares, on asset deals and/or real estate transactions.

VD&P Overnamepartners is different in many ways:

  • we are no-nonsense, discrete and transparent;
  • we speak the language of small businesses;
  • we offer free company valuations;
  • we have a large network of potential buyers and investors;
  • we are your dedicated deal guide throughout the process.

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